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2015 PCR Grants Are Available!

PCR campaign partners may now apply for one of two grant opportunities! Hematology Society Grants and PCR Campaign Materials Grants are available for partners on a limited basis! 


Spreading Love and Hope through Handmade Hats!

With Love in Every Stitch welcomes hat donations for 2015! Help us continue to bring smiles to the faces of children impacted by a cancer diagnosis by donating knit hats today!


Maximize Life Blog Posts:

We are officially engaged…with our Seattle community!

The Max Foundation’s new headquarters is still buzzing with all the great energy that filled our offices thanks to new and old friends that attended our recent Open House on April 9th.  We welcomed our Seattle community to join us on what we called our world tour.  Visitors were invited to move from region to region in order to learn about our work in Asia Pacific, Africa, Latin America and, of course, North America.

Throughout the event, we were able to learn lots about our visitors and they seemed to, also, enjoy networking with each other.  Many of our current partner organizations were present and friends who have helped us along the way, from consultants to designers.  It was exciting to have everyone with us for our house-warming and it indeed made the world feel like a much smaller place!

Thanks to everyone who join us!  We look forward to staying connected! Please be sure to click through our gallery of photos to enjoy our event vicariously.


Posted by Erin Schwartz on April 20, 2015 | Comments: 0

Partnering to bring access to PCR and mutation testing to the Philippines

For people living with chronic myeloid leukemia (CML), regular disease monitoring using polymerase chain reaction (PCR) testing is critical to achieving successful health outcomes, however, these tests are simply affordable for many people living with CML in the Philippines. Last month, 30 people being treated for CML at Philippines General Hospital received free PCR and mutation tests thanks to a partnership between The Max Foundation, the International Chronic Myeloid Leukemia Foundation, SA Pathology and the University of Adelaide, and Fred Hutchinson Research Center.


Posted by Nelia Medina on April 08, 2015 | Comments: 4

Announcing Max CEO as recipient of National Cancer Institute Global Cancer Medicine Humanitarian Award

The Max Foundation is proud to announce CEO, Pat Garcia-Gonzalez as the recipient of the National Cancer Institute Global Cancer Medicine Humanitarian Award at the U.S. National Cancer Institute 3rd Annual Symposium on Global Cancer Research held in Boston on 25 March 2015. This is the first Global Cancer Medicine Humanitarian Award to be given at the NCI’s Symposium.

Read Media Release


Posted by Erin Schwartz on March 25, 2015 | Comments: 2

Light a candle on March 9th to honor Max

On this March 9th we remember Max, and in his memory we renew our commitment towards a world where all people facing cancer can live with dignity and hope. We take solace in knowing that thousands of friends, partners and families touched by The Max Foundation carry on Max’s legacy through their daily efforts.

On this day and every day we love to hear from you. Friends who wish to share a personal message are invited to write in our Guestbook. Those who wish to commemorate Max’s honor and carry his legacy forward are welcome to send across a donation.

We thank everyone who stands with us in this journey. You are our guiding light.


Posted by Pat Garcia-Gonzalez on March 02, 2015 | Comments: 25

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The Max Foundation is a global health organization that believes that all people living with cancer have the right to access the best treatment and support. Through personalized access services, quality training and education, and global advocacy efforts, we aim to help people face cancer with dignity and hope.

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