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Dear Friends,

2016 was a year of building a strong foundation for the future. I like to say that we are in the process of reinventing ourselves – in that context, 2016 marked a complete reframing of our organization’s approach.

After many years of successfully managing pharma-driven patient access programs, in 2016, we began working with our treatment access partners to imagine how we could maximize our knowledge and expertise to increase our impact. We realized that as important as industry-driven patient access programs are, they are limited by a company’s portfolio, and patients’ diseases are company-agnostic. A patient might need a treatment developed by one manufacturer today, and a different one tomorrow from a different manufacturer. If we were going to be truly patient-centric, we needed to put the patient back at the center of our efforts and create a program that can provide any treatment a patient might need within a specific disease. Today we are improving our treatment access approach by delivering a model of our own called Max Access Solutions.

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In our new model and through our Humanitarian Partners for Access to Cancer Treatment (PACT) with several manufacturers, we are able to respond to requests from our partner oncologists and hematologists with a wider array of treatments and monitoring tools available. This, my friends, is the dream we have had for the past ten years: no matter where a patient lives, they can access the right treatment at the right time.

In order to accomplish this, we had to take an active role in supply chain management, receiving donations of products and developing our own supply chain into the major cancer centers in low-resource regions of the world. This approach better positions us for scaling into more disease areas with a continued focus on underserved populations. This ambitious transformation paves the way for longevity and sustainability in providing humanitarian access to cancer treatment in low-resource countries.

In strengthening our collaborations, we are creating solutions between the public and private sectors that are more patient-centered and aligned with global health principles.

The Humanitarian PACT among companies on behalf of patients swings the pendulum from competitors to coalitions and gives the global community tools for contributing to the third of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): decreasing premature mortality.

In this year’s annual report, you will hear from patients in each corner of the world. On the cusp of our 20th year, we are embracing our entrepreneurial roots and reinventing how we approach treatment access for all.

Thanks for being the cornerstones in building a future of dignity and hope in the face of cancer.

In partnership,

Pat Garcia-Gonzalez

Chief Executive Officer

The Max Foundation



Everything we do at The Max Foundation is aimed at helping people facing cancer around the world access the best possible drug treatments for their disease. This year’s annual report features stories of exemplary patients we have served through our work.

While each person has their own unique story to tell, there are profound universalities within patient stories collected from all corners of the globe. When someone is diagnosed with cancer, no matter where they are in the world, they just want more time with their loved ones.

We make it our business to make that wish a reality by working collaboratively with our partners to overcome challenges from drug import, to diagnostic testing provisions, to patient and physician education, in more than 75 low- and middle-income countries.




“I was blessed to learn that through The Max Foundation, my doctor could provide me with my life-saving treatment at no cost. This allowed me to return to my daily life, continue to support my family, and live healthily in my community.”


In 2016, The Max Foundation received 912 units of Iclusig® (ponatinib) from ARIAD and 91 units of Sutent® (sunitinib malate) from Pfizer and provided donations of these prescribed treatments to 113 patients in 18 countries.



“Through coaching from Max, I have overcome my cancer challenges. This support inspired me to start my own patient organization, Manitas, to help children in Mexico face cancer. Today, The Max Foundation helps my community through trainings and funding. I proudly give others the love and care I have received through The Max Foundation!”

In 2016, The Max Foundation provided over ninety-six thousand one-on-one emotional support services – such as calls in Latin America about treatment adherence – to cancer patients in sixty-seven countries.



“My doctor was optimistic as he explained that I could live a healthy and active life despite my cancer diagnosis. Learning that I’ll receive life-saving treatment for my cancer at no cost through The Max Foundation helped me to move forward without fear, and my faith and optimism help me stay positive about the future.”

The Max Foundation provided patient navigation services to over thirty-eight thousand patients in seventy- five countries and personally advocated for over four thousand patients in sixty-two countries.



“This little orange capsule extended my life. I never missed a dose or a follow-up appointment with my physician. By adhering to treatment, I was able to continue working to support my family and enjoy an active life.”

In 2016, The Max Foundation managed six unique industry–driven patient assistance programs, facilitating access to over four hundred thousand monthly cancer treatment doses, as prescribed by their treating physicians.




Access to treatment for cancer in a complex world requires commitment and adaptability. As pioneers in the management of global access programs, Max Access Solutions represents a reframe of our strategy and our newest best practice model to respond to the need for cancer control.

Max Access Solutions is The Max Foundation’s operational program through which humanitarian donations of approved oncology products are channeled to patients in need. Max Access Solutions is meant to be a bridge for access to treatment specifically within low- and middle-income countries (LMICs) where the burden of disease is high and local government access programs may not be currently feasible.

“Cancer is the second leading cause of mortality globally, and the burden on resource-poor countries is among the highest. Our collaborations across public-private sectors allow thousands to live beyond their cancer. Our efforts are measured not only in the number of drug doses we get to patients, but also in the invaluable time treatment adds to their lives.”

—Ann Kim Novakowski
Associate Program Director



What started with a few cancer patients gathered together, first in hospitals and then in parks and later in rented rooms has evolved through the years into a network of 70 patient associations in 57 countries whose partnership is central to our continuum of care.

In the early days, our team would show up in clinic waiting rooms alongside patients and their families offering support and help navigating local health systems. In many parts of the world then and today, being diagnosed with cancer comes with a grave social stigma. People are often shunned by their own families and forced to find new supports, such as our team and other patients facing the same ailments.

Playing a crucial role in emotional support and education, all the organizations within the Max Global Network share our mission around improving access to cancer treatment and our vision for a world where everyone faces cancer with dignity and hope.


In 2016, we continued our growth with significant new in-kind gifts – humanitarian donations of cancer treatment. Funding increased in key areas, with over ninety percent of our funds going directly to programs which benefit patients.



Thank you to our generous private donors who support global cancer survivors through their contributions to The Max Foundation. You are helping people near and far face cancer with dignity and hope. We are grateful for your ongoing support and look forward to further engagement in the year ahead.


We extend our gratitude to our corporate donors and sponsors for collaborating in our mission. We deeply value our shared commitment to patients around the world.



ARIAD Pharmaceuticals

Bristol-Myers Squibb

Celgene Corporation

Janssen Pharmaceuticals





Our Friends of The Max Foundation circle is a way to recognize businesses and family foundations contributing financial or in-kind gifts to the organization.


Beresford Booth PLLC


Choice Organic Tea

Tanner Pharma Group



Our Board of Directors is comprised of professionals dedicated to serving our mission. The Board provides governance and fiduciary oversight, along with guiding policy and assessing organizational performance goals.

Paula Boultbee · President of the Board · Principal at PTB Consulting LLC

Jerry Scott, CPA · Treasurer of the Board · Chartered Global Management Accountant

David Tingstad · Secretary of the Board · Beresford Booth PLLC Law

Pat Garcia-Gonzalez · Chief Executive Officer & Founder

Robert Farmer · Board Member · CML Survivor & Photographer

Tracey Higgins · Board Member · Edmonds Community College

Grant Rubenstein · Board Member · Rosen~Harbottle Commercial Real Estate


Our Medical Advisory Board includes specialists who are key global opinion leaders in the field of oncology. Based around the world, these expert physicians are formative in leading research and managing patient care at worldwide centers of excellence.

Hematology Advisors

Michele Baccarani, MD

Jorge E. Cortes, MD

Brian J. Druker, MD

Francois Guilhot, MD

Andreas Hochhaus, MD

Timothy Hughes, MD

Michael J. Mauro, MD

Javier Pinilla-Ibarz, MD, PhD

Jerald Radich, MD

Neil P. Shah, MD, PhD

Moshe Talpaz, MD

Oncology Advisors

Matías Chacón, MD

George D. Demetri, MD

Peter Reichardt, MD

Jonathan Trent, MD


Hailing from both the public and private sectors, our Strategic Innovation Advisory Board includes leaders in the fields of global health, fundraising, and communications who lend their advice, skills, and expertise to our collective goals.

Carolyn Blasdel, FNP-BC

Rhonda Curry

Gilberto de Lima Lopes, Jr., MD, MBA, FAMS

Michele Galen, J.D.

Teresa Guillien, MPA

William E. Heisel, Journalism BA

Jerald Radich, MD

Carlos Rodriguez-Galindo, MD

Kristofer Rogers

Lawrence N. Shulman, MD

Dr. Andy Stergachis, PhD, BPharm

2016 STAFF


The international team of The Max Foundation work with passion and purpose to develop and execute our programs in support of patients, families, and communities living with cancer.


Pat Garcia-Gonzalez, Chief Executive Officer

Erin Schwartz, Vice President of Strategic Partnerships and Global Advocacy

Danielle M. Matia, Region Head for Africa & Middle East

Inés García González, Region Head for Latin America

Mei Ching Ong, Region Head for Asia Pacific

Viji Venkatesh, Region Head for South Asia

J. Michael Wrigglesworth, Director of Global Information Technology Solutions

Ann Kim Novakowski, Associate Program Director


Craig Anderson, Director of Information Technology

Josué Blanco, Communications Officer

Barbara Carpenter, Assistant to the CEO

Paula Lacy, Administrative Assistant

Wesley Teo Nguyen, Senior Program Officer

Winona Rennick, Development Officer

Erin Lindsay Schneider, Program Officer, Max Global Network Coordinator


Mame Fall, MaxStation

Catherina Scheepers, Program Officer Southern Africa


Nor Aisya Binti Nor Azham, Project Executive

Waheeda Binti Hasbullah, Junior Project Executive

Wen Huei Fan, Graphic Designer

Gin Nin Gow, Project Executive

Yee Jia Heng, Project Executive

Shirleen Low, Project Executive

Nelia Medina, MaxStation

Nor Aina Binti Abd Rahim, Administrative Executive

Wirat Sae-Kuai, Program Officer

Piyapong Siriviriyanum, Program Officer Thailand for RAP

Thaned Kairaj, MaxStation Central Asia

Sukhrob Saliev, MaxStation Latin America

Cynthia Figueroa Guerra, Local Program Coordinator

Mariana Rubi Gonzalez, Local Program Coordinator

Mercedes Arteaga, Program Officer & Regional Project, Manager for Latin America

María Victoria Duhalde, Local Program Coordinator for Argentina, Perú, & Ecuador

Melisa Fazio, Local Program Coordinator for Argentina & Bolivia

Lyat Granati, Local Program Coordinator for Chile & Paraguay

Martha Rosario Molina, Local Program Coordinator for Domincan Republic

Nilexis Bernard Rodríguez, Local Program Coordinator for Domincan Republic

Evelyn Berduo, Local Program Coordinator for Central America & Caribbean


Aparna V. Bhatta, Web Developer

Phillip Fernandes, Administrative Assistant

Sharon Gonsalves, Program Officer, Regional Head North & East India

Santosh S. Kadam, Manager: Accounts/ Office & Personnel

Priyanka Kandalgaokar, Program Officer India, Administration Team Supervisor

Prasad Kothekar, Administrative Assistant

Sherly K V, Kochi Volunteer

Azim Mohd, Driver

Ashika Naik, MaxStation

Beena Narayanan, Program Officer, Regional Head South India

Sudha Samineni, Program Officer India

Manish Shukla, Web Developer

Yogesh Sindwani, Web Developer

Shilpi Sirohi, Maxstation

Julie Soundarva, Housekeeping Staff

Vijayayalakshmi Sundaram, NOA Coordinator and Program Officer/Regional Head West & Central India

Ameya Surve, MaxStation

Komal Surve, Administrative Executive and Assistant MaxStation

Vidya Tahilramani, MaxStation

2016 Max Global Network

The Max Global Network is a collective of patient support groups. We are grateful to the extraordinary work and dedication of the 77 partners from over 60 countries. Through their tireless efforts and local influence, they are improving the lives of people living with cancer worldwide.

A.G.I.L du Sénégal, Senegal

ABRALE, Brazil
Agalemo, Costa Rica
Alianza Anticáncer Infantil, A.B.P., Mexico
AMACAS, Cameroon
Asociación Amor a la Vida, El Salvador
Asociación de Ayuda a Pacientes Hemato-oncológicos – ASAPHE, Venezuela
Asociación de Leucemia Mieloide Argentina – ALMA, Argentina
Asociación de Pacientes con Leucemia Mieloide Crónica – ASOPALEU, Guatemala
Asociación Hondureña de Lucha contra el Cáncer, Honduras
Asociación Mexicana de Leucemia y GIST – AMELEG, Mexico
Associação Portuguesa contra a Leucemia, Portugal
Association de Lutte Contre la Leucémie, Niger
Association des Malades Atteints de Leucémies – AMAL, Morocco
Association Fanomezana LMC, Madagascar
Association Leucémie, espoir Mali, Mali

Association of Patients with Hemoblastoses, Kazakhstan
Bangladesh CML Supporting Group, Bangladesh
Blood Cancer Society Nepal, Nepal
CanSurvive, Egypt
Celebrando la Vida, Bolivia
Childhood Cancer Foundation South Africa, South Africa
Childhood Cancer Initiative, Kenya
Children Cancer Foundation Nepal, Nepal
Children’s Cancer Foundation, Singapore
Chronic Myeloid Leukemia Advocates of Ghana (CMLAG), Ghana
CML Association of Serbia, Serbia
CML Patient Association Armenia, Armenia
CML Patients’ Foundation of Ethiopia, Ethiopia
CML Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe
CMLSA, South Africa
Corporación Nacional Maxi Vida Chile, Chile
Crusaders Club Ministry, Sierra Leone
ELGEKA West Java, Indonesia
Emirates Association for Cancer Support, UAE
Esperantra, Peru

Esperanza y Vida, Ecuador
Friends of Max, India
Fundación Alas de Vida, Nicaragua
Fundación Colombiana de Leucemia y Linfoma, Colombia
Fundación Esperanza Nueva, Bolivia
Fundación Esperanza Viva, Colombia
Fundación Unidos contra el Cáncer, Paraguay
Groupe d’Appui aux Survivants du Cancer, Burkina Faso
Grupo Unido de Leucemia A.C., Mexico
Henzo Kenya, Kenya
Israel CML Patients Organization, Israel
IZUMI, Japan
KIRAN, Pakistan
Korea Blood Cancer Association, South Korea
Leukemia & GIST Advocacy Fraternity of Uganda, Uganda
Luz de Esperanza, Peru
Luz de Vida, Mexico
Manitas la Pulsera de Leucemia, Mexico
Mathiwos Wondu-YeEthiopia Cancer Society/MWECS, Ethiopia
Max Family, Malaysia
Max Miracle, Cambodia

Max’s Vie, Vietnam
MaxCare Nigeria, Nigeria
MaxSmiles, Thailand
Nakuru Hospice, Kenya
National Cancer Council Mongolia, Mongolia
Osanna, Ukraine
Patient’s Friends Society-Jerusalem, Palestine
People Living with Cancer, South Africa
Polish Association for CML Patients Aid, Poland
Shanghai Roots and Shoots, China
Slovenian Lymphoma and Leukemia Patient Association, L&L, Slovenia
Taiwan Bone Marrow Transplantation Association, Taiwan
Tanzania CML Patient group, Tanzania
The Alliance of CML Patients of Georgia, Georgia
Touched By Max, Philippines
Un Paso Max, Dominican Republic
Uzbekistan CML Patients League, Uzbekistan
YKI Jakarta, Indonesia
Zero Club CML · South Korea

At The Max Foundation, we are building a strong foundation today so people can continue facing cancer with dignity and hope tomorrow.

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