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Spot On CML: A Little Card That’s Making a Big Difference for Diagnostics

The Max Foundation and Dr. Jerry Radich of the Fred Hutch Cancer Research Center are partnering to tackle the problem of CML diagnostics in underserved regions. Dr. Radich has developed a low-cost, paper-based diagnostic testing method for CML. With this new method, a physician spots a patient’s blood onto a test card and sends the card to Dr. Radich’s lab at the Fred Hutch for processing. He and his team are able to perform accurate diagnostic testing on the samples even after weeks of transport. Once patients are diagnosed, The Max Foundation connects them with available treatments free of charge....

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Reflecting on an Amazing Year

It’s been a very full year at The Max Foundation, and it’s not over yet! As we approach the end of 2016 and prepare to welcome 2017, I am reflecting on some of the remarkable moments from 2016 that would not be possible without the support of our donors and partners, and the dedication of our global team. ...

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Around the World for Max’s Day!

It was an amazing 24 hours! To celebrate Max's birthday anniversary, we went around the world through Facebook Live to visit each regional office, meet special friends, and learn how each of us contributes to caring and supporting people facing cancer. Never before has our team felt so close and united.Watch each of the six Facebook Live recordings below to celebrate this brilliant team of advocates!Live in Singapore Our dear friend and CML patient, Tony Leo kicked things off on October 19 in Singapore! Tony shared a bit about his journey and experience with cancer. He also gave a special performance...

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