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Max Global Experience – Uganda

A fundraising adventure to support cancer survivors in Uganda and beyond!

There are many miles we tread to bring cancer treatment to patients around the world, but none is more significant than the Last Mile, which ensures that the right medication gets to the right patient at the right time.

Our 2018 Max Global Experience echoes the journey cancer survivors take to get much-needed treatment, care, and support. Participants will track the distance they walk, run, or cycle, with a goal of reaching 365 miles, a distance inspired by the cost of providing treatment access to one patient for one year: $365, or $1 per day.

This fitness and fundraising adventure will end in the trip of a lifetime to Uganda, where we’ll meet patient leaders who have overcome the stigma and isolation of cancer to help others in their communities, and together, we’ll walk the Last Mile at the source of the Nile River!

The funds raised by the Max Global Experience will provide access to treatment, care, and support to patients in Africa.

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Los Altos Hills, CA, USA
I have been a part of the Max Foundation soon for two decades and closely in involved with development of their donation programs, I also have the honor to serve as the Board President for the past three years. We have been able help so many patients with access to treatment to become cancer survivors. This time the focus is on Uganda. With family living in Uganda I have had the opportunity to visit the country several of times and seen the economic growth providing more for all people, but there are still larger gaps particularly when it comes to access to cancer care.
  • 0.00% Funded
  • $5,000 Goal
  • 45 Days Left
New Jersey, USA
I've been running for around 10 years now. It's time to give those miles more meaning. I'll be adding up my miles and asking friends and family to help me fundraise so that The Max Foundation can continue to improve access to treatment in Africa.
  • 5.48% Funded
  • $3,650 Goal
  • 44 Days Left
Once again I am donating my birthday to The Max Foundation, and this is a big one since on July 28th I will be turning 60 years old! What better way to celebrate then, than to honor the journey of so many, day in and day out, walking through their cancer journey. The Last Mile for people living with cancer, is about the journey; getting up every morning and do our thing, put one foot in front of the next and do whatever it takes to get to the treatment. I will run 365 miles before turning 60 and I hope you can support me, and together we will support the work of The Max Foundation to bring access to cancer treatment.
  • 5.00% Funded
  • $36,500 Goal
  • 12 Days Left
Our team of fundraisers – Erin Schwartz, Winona Rennick, David Verga (Seattle), and Cathy Scheepers (South Africa) – are joined by members of The Max Foundation team around the world, all of whom are working to ensure patients receive the right treatment at the right time. Together, we hope to raise awareness of the needs of patients in Africa while raising funds for their support. We'll be adding up our miles, asking our friends, family, and community to donate and help us improve access to treatment in Africa and beyond!
  • 23.97% Funded
  • $14,600 Goal
  • 44 Days Left
We would like to donate for a cause on our Wedding! Your gift to our Chai for Cancer USA fundraiser will help raise awareness about the needs of cancer survivors in India and raise funds to provide them with the treatment, care, and support they need to live well with cancer. To know more about this cause:
Last year, I climbed Mt. Kinabalu in Borneo, going the extra mile to help bring access to treatment to cancer survivors. This year my company, Tanner Pharma Group, is sponsoring the 2018 Max Global Experience in Uganda, and I’m returning to walk the “last mile” of treatment access together with friends from Max and local patient leaders.
Entebbe, Uganda
I've been on the Executive Board of The Max Foundation for many years, and this year, I'm getting even closer to the organization's work! I'll be traveling to Uganda in August as part of the Max Global Experience - I'll be walking 365 miles to honor the journey cancer survivors take to get much-needed treatment, care, and support, and my goal is to raise $3,650 to provide access to treatment for patients in Africa.
  • 3.42% Funded
  • $3,650 Goal
  • 44 Days Left