Fundraise for The Max Foundation

A fundraising adventure to support cancer survivors in Uganda and beyond!

There are many miles we tread to bring cancer treatment to patients around the world, but none is more significant than the Last Mile, which ensures that the right medication gets to the right patient at the right time.

Our 2018 Max Global Experience echoes the journey cancer survivors take to get much-needed treatment, care, and support. Participants will track the distance they walk, run, or cycle, with a goal of reaching 365 miles, a distance inspired by the cost of providing treatment access to one patient for one year: $365, or $1 per day.

This fitness and fundraising adventure will end in the trip of a lifetime to Uganda, where we’ll meet patient leaders who have overcome the stigma and isolation of cancer to help others in their communities, and together, we’ll walk the Last Mile at the source of the Nile River!

The funds raised by the Max Global Experience will provide access to treatment, care, and support to 5,000 patients in Africa.