Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.
4,095.2 metres above sea level. Temperature ranging between 3°C to 15°C. 20th tallest mountain in the world. Mount Kinabalu bears a symbolic representation of Malaysia and claims the title of a UNESCO World Heritage site. And what am I hoping to do on July 23? Summit it for a cause!
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Denver, CO, United States
This summer, we will summit Mount Kinabalu in support of cancer patients - every dollar you donate goes to The Max Foundation and is greatly appreciated! Join our journey as we climb the fourth tallest peak in southeast Asia!
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Mount Kinabalu Ranau Sabah Malaysia
Embarking on the journey of a lifetime for the betterment of cancer treatment globally, and in the interest of saving lives. I am climbing this mountain and would greatly appreciate your support for kids and cancer across the world.
Seattle, WA, United States
And that's just what they'll do. On July 22nd, they will walk up Mount Kinabalu!
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Seattle, WA, United States
When Tony told me his story, that he figured out that something was wrong with him 10 years ago while attempting to climb Mt KK, I knew right then that we need to go back and climb it together. For people living with a life threatening condition, and especially cancer, everyday life is a mountain to climb. And for those of us doing our best to help, overcoming obstacles is an everyday thing too. So it is only fitting that we should climb this mountain, literally, together, given that we have been climbing it, figurativelly for a decade. This is officially my birthday campaign this year and I will climb this mountain one week before my 59th birthday. I am a first timer, but I am confident that we will do it.
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Hello All! Together with fellow survivors and supporters, we are raising funds for Max Family so that our outreach activities can be widened to include patients who spend days traveling just to get treatment; patients who are so knocked out by treatment that they are unable to care for themselves; and to caregivers to support them so that they can continue giving care and support to patients. Your contribution in every form will spur us up Mt K with Max, CML & me!
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Petaling Jaya Selangor Malaysia
We have this year 2017 plan a fundraising event of Climbing Mount Kinabalu, Sabah (the highest mountain in South East Asia) from 20th to 24th July for Max Family Society in partnership with The Max Foundation. Each registered climber are required to raise RM2000.00 to support the activities of Max Family Society in partnership with The Max Foundation. Both my wife and I have registered to participate in this climbing event and we are appealing to family members and relatives, former colleagues, former teachers and schoolmates, friends and generous individuals and corporations to help us to achieve our goal of raising RM 4000.00 (1,000 USD). All expenses for our trip to climb Mount Kinabalu will be bore by us and the RM 4000.00 (1,000 USD) fundraise will be 100% deployed to organize and support the CML cancer patients activities such as workshops and forums at various public CML specialist hospital centers throughout Malaysia by Max Family Society. For those who are interested to join us as climbers please contact our society ASAP as there are only limited slot left!!!
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