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Our Reach in Africa & Middle East

Our Reach in Africa & Middle East

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In the past 15 years, The Max Foundation has shaped the access paradigm for cancer treatment drugs for cancer patients in Africa. To support individual patients, The Max Foundation has built communities around them, outside of their direct families. These patient support associations bring together patients from all walks of life who are united by a common diagnosis of cancer.

Supporting Patients Through Community

To foster the creation of patient support associations, The Max Foundation’s unique model starts by identifying patients who work closely with their physicians to manage their disease. Through mentoring, the idea of starting a local support group is introduced and the patient is encouraged to take the lead in developing this concept with the treating physician and other fellow patients. Working from the bottom up we have facilitated the launch of patient support organizations throughout Africa.

To date, guided by The Max Foundation staff, this effort has seen the creation and growth of patient support associations in 12 African countries. The Max Foundation has also collaborated with patient associations already present in six other countries. All these groups are now members of the Max Global Network and benefit by participating in The Max Foundation-initiated advocacy work, capacity building, and campaigns.

Building a Network for Africa

Alongside our global network, CML Life Africa, a disease-specific advocacy initiative that includes participants in North Africa, South Africa, and Sub-Saharan Africa, unites the continent by sharing experiences and knowledge.

CML Life Africa Annual Workshop

CML Life Africa, part of the Max Global Network, is the collection of patient support associations focused on chronic myeloid leukemia (CML). This network aims to bring these groups together to share resources, discuss experiences, and learn from each other’s challenges and successes.

Each year, the CML Life Africa workshop gathers patient leaders from across Africa to provide training, capacity-building, and medical updates on CML. The CML Life Africa network extends its reach in the continent with the launch of new CML groups and advocates. The CML Life Africa working group elevates the voice of patients so their concerns and questions about access to treatment are addressed.

Health Technology Assessment Training Workshop

The Health Technology Assessment (HTA) Training Workshop aims to equip cancer advocates from Africa and the Middle East with a better understanding of the role of health technology assessment in health systems. To further our efforts to improve access to treatment, The Max Foundation collaborated with health economics expert Professor Panos Kanavos of the London School of Economics and experienced health systems consultant Ms. Jean Mossman to organize the HTA workshop.

The Health Technology Assessment trains advocates in:

  • Heath systems in the region
  • HTA applied within cancer care
  • Pricing for new products
  • Methods of assessment and innovation in cancer
  • How patient groups can contribute to HTA

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