Latin America

Our Reach in Latin America

Our Reach in Latin America

In Latin America, access to treatment is a challenge, and we do our best to improve it – but our work doesn’t stop there. Once a patient is able to get the treatment they need, we accompany them and their families through our programs as well as provide guidance and care along the way.

—Inés García González, Region Head for Latin America

Día max Día (Day by Day)

For people living with cancer, finding a balance between daily cancer care and living without worry is vital. This balance is something each patient has to learn on their own – something patients usually need guidance in.

The Max Day by Day program aims to support patients with:

  • Emotional support;
  • Disease information;
  • Updates on current treatments;
  • Coaching in treatment adherence; and
  • Treatment follow-up.

Day by Day is implemented through phone calls, informational material and patient support meetings or workshops hosted by our local representative.

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Latin America LMC Working Group

The Latin America Leucemia Mieloide Crónica Working Group (or “L.A. LMC”) is an annual meeting where regional advocates of chronic myeloid leukemia (LMC in Spanish) get together to support each other and propose solutions to the different obstacles that arise. By bringing together advocates from throughout the region, the working group shares what’s new, what’s succeeding, and what’s struggling.

During L.A. LMC, advocates have a chance to:

  • Meet with LMC experts;
  • Attend educational workshops; and
  • Discuss joint plans for the year.

A central aspect of the L.A. LMC Working Group is the ongoing feedback advocates receive throughout the year. Through personalized after-meeting conclusions and follow-up reports on organizational growth, we advance the patient group’s mission and lay a foundation of topics for the following year’s L.A. LMC meeting. This cycle aims for the region’s continued development and progress.

L.A. LLC Working Group

The Latin America Leucemia Linfocítica Crónica Working Group (or “L.A. LLC”) is a separate meeting from L.A. LMC, but takes a similar approach and is held in succession with L.A. LMC.

The L.A. LLC Working Group focuses on the best ways for Latin American patient groups to support patients with chronic lymphocytic leukemia (LLC in Spanish) and achieve a healthy quality of life. Patient groups also gain new insights into LLC through medical and scientific updates.

Latin America Colloquium for Chronic Myeloid Leukemia

The Latin America CML Colloquium is a personal and virtual conference given by Dr. Jorge Cortés of MD Anderson Cancer Center, directly to CML patients and caregivers. Each conference is held in a Latin American city and streamed to patient groups and individuals across the region. Many patient groups gather at their local hospitals to attend Dr. Cortés’ presentation, and send questions that are answered by Dr. Cortés.

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