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The Max Foundation is pleased to announce partnerships, events, and upcoming initiatives through our media releases. As well, we are glad to share news articles that spotlight our work around the world.

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News Announcements

  • The Max Foundation is thrilled to welcome Dr. Michael J. Wagner to our Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumor (GIST) Medical Advisory Board. Since we met Dr. Wagner in early 2020 at a GIST patient meeting in Seattle, he has provided our program with invaluable training and support. “Dr. Wagner has gone above and beyond in advising our team on complex patient cases,” says Meg Mager, Senior Program Manager at The Max Foundation. “He’s helped us to better understand GIST so we can better support our patients. We are incredibly grateful for his support and are excited to have him join our Medical Advisory Board.” [caption...

  • “Looking back at 2019 a common theme stands out: reaching new frontiers,” write The Max Foundation CEO Pat Garcia-Gonzalez and The Max Foundation Board President Paula Boultbee in the report.

  • The Max Foundation is pleased to announce a significant expansion of its collaboration with Pfizer to provide access to some of Pfizer's innovative oncology portfolio to patients in low- and middle-income countries, which otherwise would have limited local access. The latest agreement increases the total number of patients benefitting from the program from 270 to 500 patients and adds Inlyta® (axitinib) an oral medicine used to treat advanced kidney cancer.

  • Since the launch of Max Access Solutions in 2017, The Max Foundation has delivered over 10 million daily doses of cancer treatment to patients in more than 70 low- and middle-income countries.

  • The Max Foundation and Cepheid have renewed and expanded their collaboration to increase access to molecular diagnostics in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs).

  • Please join us in welcoming Mika Matsuzaki, PhD, and Susan M. Jerian, MD to The Max Foundation Board of Directors.

  • The Max Foundation is pleased to announce the hiring of Wilma Comenat as Vice President of Development of The Max Foundation. Wilma has more than 20 years of experience in the nonprofit sector leading development teams and driving major donor fundraising initiatives. Her previous roles include the Associate Executive Director of JDRF Greater Northwest, Regional Director of Lupus Foundation of America, Inc.’s Pacific Northwest region, and Deputy Executive Director of The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

  • A new study led by Boston University School of Public Health, The Max Foundation, and Novartis Oncology found that chronic myeloid leukemia (CML) patients taking first-line treatment in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs) as part of the Glivec International Patient Assistance Program (GIPAP) have survival rates that compare favorably to those of CML patients receiving treatment in high-income countries.

  • Traveling to the American Society of Hematology’s (ASH) annual meeting on December 7–10? We hope to see you at one of our sessions! Save these events to your calendar: The Max Foundation and iCMLf: Forum for Physicians from Emerging Economic Regions When & Where: Friday, December 6, from 12–2 p.m. at the Rosen Plaza Hotel in Orlando, Florida. Each year, ASH joins thousands of leaders around the world who are working to conquer blood diseases. This is a special opportunity for ASH attendees to share insight and chat with physicians practicing in under-resourced countries. Download your invitation. Discussion topics: Perspectives on the future of CML Modeling responses when testing less frequently than monthly Re-evaluating TKI...

  • On November 1, 2019, the first shipment of treatment arrived at the hospital in Maputo, Mozambique. This is the first country Max Access Solutions, The Max Foundation’s patient-centered access model, has expanded into without a former access program in place.

  • The African Organization for Research and Training in Cancer conference (AORTIC), happening November 5–8, 2019 brings together leading cancer specialists from around the world. During the conference, attendees are invited to join The Max Foundation and the International and Chronic Myeloid Leukemia Foundation (iCMLf) for an interactive session for African Physicians Treating CML. When: Wednesday, November 6 from 5–8 PM at the Radisson Blu Hotel, adjacent to the AORTIC conference center in Maputo, Mozambique. Discussion Topics: In this session leading physicians and experts will discuss the following: Monitoring CML in a low-resource setting Responsible management in the era of 5...

  • The Max Foundation is pleased to welcome Curt Malloy as the newest member of our Executive Board. Curt, a fellow advocate for people facing cancer around the world, has been a strong supporter of our work for many years throughout his active engagement in global health. Curt currently serves as the Chief Operating Officer at Cancer Research And Biostatistics (CRAB) in Seattle, where he leads data management, project management, clinical monitoring, and regulatory. He is a co-leader of CRAB’s Latin America Initiative, which was formed with the intention of providing clinical research training programs for clinical investigators and statisticians in...

  • The Max Foundation is proud to announce it has signed an expanded collaboration agreement with Bristol-Myers Squibb – a committed pharmaceutical partner and member of our humanitarian pact.

  • The Max Foundation and partner NGO Esperantra are pleased to announce they have signed a new MOU that will help patients in Peru gain access to treatment.

  • In a recent commentary published in the Journal of Global Oncology, co-authors Pat Garcia-Gonzalez MA, Gilberto Lopes MD, Erin Schwartz and Lawrence Shulman MD, clearly outline the need and efficacy of humanitarian donation programs using lessons learned from the success of joint access initiatives between Novartis and The Max Foundation.

  • Watch The Max Foundation's video from Max Global Experience Uganda. The Max Global Experience Uganda was a fundraising and engagement opportunity for patient leaders, industry partners, and Max team members to come together to expand access to cancer treatment in Africa. The global experience included an all-day symposium, a visit to the Uganda Cancer Institute, and a “last mile” walk along the Nile in solidarity with patients across Africa.

  • My PCR has released a new FAQ about Treatment Free Remission (TFR) – a potential treatment goal for some patients living with chronic myeloid leukemia (CML).

  • The Max Foundation is thrilled to announce that Pat Garcia-Gonzalez has won the UICC's CEO Award for 2018!

  • The numbers are in! The Max Foundation is thrilled to announce that Spot On CML, our diagnostic collaboration with Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, has provided free testing to 371 patients across 15 countries in its inaugural year.

  • Calabar, Nigeria – The Max Foundation is proud to announce it has been honored with an award by The Nigerian Society for Haematology and Blood Transfusion (NSHBT). The award was received by The Max Foundation’s CEO, Pat Garcia-Gonzalez, and presented by Nigeria’s Honorable Minister of Health, Professor Isaac Adewole (represented by Professor Thomas Agan), in a beautiful ceremony at the NSHBT’s 44th Scientific Conference and Annual General Meeting in Calabar, Nigeria. The Max Foundation was recognized on behalf of all Nigerians for “the remarkable improvement in the quality of life of survivors of Chronic Myeloid Leukemia and related disorders due...

  • The Max Foundation is proud to announce that our Chief Executive Officer Pat Garcia-Gonzalez has been named a finalist for the Union for International Cancer Control (UICC)’s CEO Award!

  • The Max Foundation is thrilled to announce the hiring of Patricia Pearce as Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and Vice President (VP) of Administration. She joins the team at our Seattle headquarters beginning on Monday, July 30th, 2018.

  • The Max Foundation has renewed and expanded its treatment-access agreement with Incyte in Europe. The agreement will now provide treatment access for up to 50 patients in Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

  • Today, Spot On CML is active in 19 countries and, on June 29th, 17 patients were chosen by the treating physicians at Philippine General Hospital to take part in the program. While CML testing is available in the Philippines, it's prohibitively expensive – placing critical diagnostic information out of reach for many patients.

  • Tanner Pharma Group will serve as the title sponsor for The Max Foundation’s 2018 campaign “Max Global Experience: Uganda,” an expedition to raise awareness and funds for increased cancer treatment access in Africa.

  • Earlier this month, The Max Foundation celebrated the delivery of 110 BCR-ABL molecular tests to Mercy Medical Center Cambodia. The delivery was the first of its kind for Max, made possible through our 2018 Diagnostics Solidarity Fund. Two more deliveries – one to Kyrgyzstan and one to Bolivia – are in process now, and we’re hopeful there will be many more to come.

  • The Max Foundation is thrilled to welcome longtime advisor, Dr. Jerald Radich of the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Institute into the Executive Board.  Dr. Radich has been a guiding star in our innovative work for many years helping people face cancer with dignity and hope, especially in the area of improving access to critical diagnostics in low- and middle-income countries.

  • February 21, 2018 · The Max Foundation and Dr. Jerry Radich of the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center are partnering to help tackle the problem of access to accurate tests for chronic myeloid leukemia (CML) diagnostics in low- and middle-income countries through Spot On CML. Spot On CML is a low-cost, paper-based diagnostic testing method for CML, developed by Dr. Radich’s lab at Fred Hutch. Through a Spot On CML test, a physician spots a patient’s blood onto a paper test card and sends it to Dr. Radich’s lab for processing, where they perform accurate diagnostic testing on the samples even after weeks of transport. Once patients are diagnosed, The Max Foundation connects them with available treatments free of charge.

  • In 2017 The Max Foundation, through its subsidiary MaxAid, and Novartis have renewed their commitment to patients by launching CMLPath to Care™ a new collaboration aimed at providing humanitarian access to treatment for CML and other rare cancers for those patients for whom no other form of local treatment access exists today. CMLPath to Care consists of humanitarian product donations and funding support from Novartis to Max, and an innovative new distribution model developed and implemented by Max and its international distributor, under the Max Access Solution umbrella.

  • The Max Foundation and Tanner Pharma Group have partnered to create an innovative distribution model to deliver oncology products to patients in need.

  • In an effort to strengthen health outcomes for patients in low resource settings, The Max Foundation and its subsidiary, MaxAid, have signed Collaboration Agreements with 140 individual hematologists and oncologists from leading National Cancer Institutes and clinics in 60 low and middle income countries. With the formal establishment of this network, The Max Foundation completes its validated supply chain into each of the countries, providing a safe environment through which to channel humanitarian donations of cancer treatment with end-to-end controls.

  • Join us at the iCMLf Forum for Physicians from Emerging Economic Regions on December 8th at ASH.

  • Now in its 20th year, The Max Foundation is undergoing exciting strategic changes aimed at strengthening organizational efforts to improve global access to cancer treatment, care and support. To that end, we announce the launch of MaxAid, a subsidiary organization set up by The Max Foundation to further its mission. MaxAid is a Washington nonprofit corporation with its own IRS determination letter of 501(c)(3) public charity status.

  • Estoril, Portugal– In recognition of her personal contribution and role in leading The Max Foundation in increasing access to treatment, care, and support for people living with cancer around the world, Max CEO, Pat Garcia-Gonzalez is the first recipient of the International Chronic Myeloid Leukemia (CML) Foundation’s ERSAP Prize. The International CML Foundation awarded our CEO Pat Garcia-Gonzalez with the inaugural ERSAP (Emerging Region Support and Partnership) Prize at the 17th annual John Goldman CML Conference co-sponsored by the iCMLf and the European School of Haematology. The iCMLf Directors and Scientific Advisors selected Pat because of her continued commitment, and...

  • Hyderabad, India– The Max Foundation (Max) and Friends of Max (FOM) proudly announce the formalization of their long standing collaboration supporting people living with chronic myeloid leukemia (CML) and gastrointestinal stromal tumors (GIST) in India. The two organizations signed a landmark Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) at the recent Friends of Max 2015 Leadership Summit attended by Max CEO, Pat Garcia-Gonzalez in Hyderabad on April 19th. Viji Venkatesh, Max’s Head of India shares an historical perspective, "In 2003, leaders of Max’s team in India and community leaders agreed to collaborate on providing free support services to families affected by CML and...

  • Boston, Massachusetts; USA The Max Foundation is proud to announce CEO, Pat Garcia-Gonzalez as the recipient of the National Cancer Institute Global Cancer Medicine Humanitarian Award at the U.S. National Cancer Institute 3rd Annual Symposium on Global Cancer Research held in Boston on 25 March 2015. In the award letter from the National Cancer Institute (NCI), Dr. Edward L. Trimble, MD, MPH, Director of the NCI’s Center for Global Health writes about Pat: “Our global cancer community has been inspired by your outstanding contributions to advancing cancer care equity through The Max Foundation, and as recognition of that work, we would like to honor you.”...

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