October 19th is Max’s Day

October 19th is Max’s Day. We honor the day because it marks Max’s birthday. At the very same time, we honor all the people who have been helped in his name.

Max’s name has become a symbol of hope around the world through the work of The Max Foundation. And beneath it, lifting it higher and higher for all to see, are more than 70 team members and countless advocates across different sectors all working together to expand treatment access for people facing cancer. You all choose to wake up every day and honor Max’s name and build his legacy. For that, I am forever grateful.

At The Max Foundation, we often say, “Access to treatment is access to life.” They are words we live by and make manifest through our extensive network of partner healthcare providers and a Humanitarian PACT among our corporate partners: key pieces of a treatment access model that delivers medicine to people who need it, just like Max needed.

Throughout October, we are asking ourselves and our friends around the world to consider what access to treatment means for each of us. So, as we embrace Max’s Day with honor and reflection, I ask you to reflect on a simple question: what does treatment access mean to you?

Pat Garcia-Gonzalez

Pat is the CEO of The Max Foundation. Under Pat’s direction since 2005, The Max Foundation is dedicated to increasing global access to treatment, care and support for people living with cancer. Pat lives in Edmonds, Washington, where she is raised her four sons.

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