We believe everyone deserves access to cancer treatment – no matter who they are or where they live.

So, in 2017 we launched an innovative patient-centered model for delivering cancer treatment to those in need: Max Access Solutions.

Our Model: Max Access Solutions

Focused specifically on low- and middle-income countries, Max Access Solutions allows us to deliver targeted cancer treatments to patients who would have no other way to access them. Thanks to a proprietary, real-time, patient-tracking tool and our global system of collaborations, we’re able to deliver the right treatment to the right patient in the right dose at the right time.

Patients at the Center of All We Do

A patient-centered model means we can offer multiple treatment options for the same disease. So when a patient needs to change medications, they are able to get a next-generation treatment through Max Access Solutions.


Doctors are the access point through which patients enter Max Access Solutions. When a doctor diagnoses a patient with cancer and prescribes a drug that’s not available locally, they set our access solution in motion.

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We extend our patient services to help patients understand their cancer diagnosis, navigate our access program and treatment options, and gain access to molecular diagnostics.

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Max Access Solutions provides access to quality cancer treatments. We’ve partnered with pharmaceutical companies who generously provide the prescribed medication for the patients we support.

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Through our partnership with the dedicated team at Tanner Pharma Group, we are able to distribute cancer medication worldwide. What started with a handful of locations has expanded to over 60 countries.

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Stories of Access to Treatment

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Tony's Story

Though cancer medication is made available to Kankou free-of-charge, she still has to complete a 450km “last mile” journey in order to access it – and she does so every three months.

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Join Tony as he shares his story of learning about his cancer, gaining access to life-saving medication, and connecting with a community of care.
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