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Akwaaba! My name is Gershon and I live here in Ghana with my lovely family. I run a small business at a welding workshop, where I repair roofs for my community.

A cancer diagnosis is never expected.

A cancer diagnosis is scary enough for anyone to face, but for people like Gershon in low- and middle-income countries, the financial burden is too much. Because of gifts from people like you we are able to offer Gershon and countless others a chance to live beyond their cancer.

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When I first learned I had chronic myeloid leukemia, I was relieved to find the source of my fatigue was a cancer that could be managed by daily treatment. But I was troubled to learn about the cost – I cannot even afford to pay for a week’s worth of treatment.

Access to treatment is access to life.

The Max Foundation's treatment access solutions get the necessary medication to the patients that need them the most. Through our partnerships with pharmaceutical companies and suppliers, we are able to get life-saving treatment right in the hands of patients.

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I was blessed to learn that through The Max Foundation, my doctor could provide me with my life-saving treatment at no cost. This allowed me to return to my daily life, continue to support my family, and live healthily in my community.

Going beyond medication.

In Africa, where the stigma of cancer often drives patients into isolation, Gershon is making a difference by changing the way people think. Gershon's efforts reach across communities, neighborhoods, and even local governments. You can make it possible for Gershon and so many others like him to share their story without fear of rejection.

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But in my country, cancer still carries a dark stigma. People think I am bewitched or that my cancer is contagious. I have learned more about my cancer through The Max Foundation's educational workshops and I now go into my own community to share it's possible to live well with cancer.

Dignity and hope for all people.

Through the support of The Max Foundation, Gershon was connected with the CML Life Africa; a community of patient advocates from all across Africa and the Middle East who have become like a second family for Gershon. Together, and with your help, they are making a difference in the region by championing people facing a cancer diagnosis.

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Cancer threatened my life, but with support from The Max Foundation's Africa network, I am thriving. Today, I have found a community of people who are advocating together for people to face cancer with dignity and hope.

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With your help, we are changing how people in Ghana think of cancer and helping patients receive the care they need. Thank you for your support!
—Gershon Tsegah, cancer patient and advocate

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