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Apa khabar! My name is Tony and I am from Malaysia. I am a musician and also love to stay active by playing soccer, hiking, and climbing mountains.

A cancer diagnosis is never expected.

Cancer touches all of us, but for people in low- and middle-income countries, like Tony, the prospects are even scarier. Many of these countries lack the necessary support and care needed for cancer patients. Thankfully, your gifts through The Max Foundation give Tony and countless others a chance to live beyond their cancer.

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I’m an active and fit person, and I never expected to have trouble reaching the top of Mt. Kinabalu, but as I climbed, I felt increasingly ill. I was scared, wondering what was wrong with my body, and I decided to turn back, promising myself I would visit the doctor when I got home.

Access to treatment is access to life.

The Max Foundation's treatment access solutions get the necessary medication to the patients that need them the most. Through our partnerships with pharmaceutical companies and suppliers, we are able to get life-saving treatment right in the hands of patients.

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My doctor was optimistic as he explained that I could live a healthy and active life despite my cancer diagnosis. Learning that I’ll receive life-saving treatment for my cancer at no cost through The Max Foundation helped me to move forward without fear, and my faith and optimism help me stay positive about the future.

Going beyond medication.

We know that treatment alone is not enough. Fighting stigma, educating patients on managing their disease, and emotional support are all vital to see patients survive and live happily despite their diagnosis. You can make an impact by giving patients access to these necessary support channels.

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When I meet uncles, aunties, and even younger patients at patient gatherings, I am inspired. They may at times be pale or frail, but on their faces are genuine smiles. If they can do it, I can also do it. That’s why meeting other patients through Max Family is so vital. We’re human, we need that encouragement and support!

Dignity and hope for all people.

Tony is like many patients who have turned their cancer diagnosis into a force for good. Whether it's through starting a support groups, advocating for patient rights, or simply joining the network of global patients facing cancer, we have seen leaders rise up and champion the global effort to support all people facing cancer.

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Today, I use my passion for music to share my story of hope and bravery to others. I was inspired to write the song, "You" about Max Rivarola and The Max Foundation. The song captures what it means for someone to go ahead of you on a similar journey, and I hope it offers peace and strength to other patients on my same path.

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Learning you have cancer is so crushing. But it’s what you do next that counts – it is a chance for us to be better and stronger than before, to inspire and bless others!
—Tony Leo, cancer patient and advocate

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