Take the Chai Five challenge to support cancer survivors in India!

Chai for Cancer USA is back for a third year, and we’re building on the success of last year’s campaign, which established a program in India in partnership with Friends of Max, our local patient support arm, to help patients with one of their greatest needs – diagnostic testing. This was all made possible thanks to our generous supporters and our campaign sponsor, Choice Organic Teas!

This year, we have the opportunity to help more patients in need by raising additional funding for this program, and we need your help ensure people in India who are facing cancer get the lifesaving care they require!

How can you help? Take the Chai Five challenge to raise awareness of the needs of cancer survivors while raising funds for their support! What is “Chai Five”? The Chai Five is a list of five simple actions you can take to support people in India who are facing a cancer diagnosis.

How to take the Chai Five challenge:

  • Step 1: Make a donation today to support cancer survivors in India
  • Step 2: Post a #chaifie (selfie with your cup of chai) on social media
  • Step 3: Share a cup of chai with a friend, and ask them to support Chai for Cancer USA (then of course, take another #chaifie)
  • Step 4: Ask your employer to match your donation – this could double or triple the impact of your gift!
  • Step 5: On May 14th, Chai for Cancer Day, share a post on social media (or email your friends) about why you support Chai for Cancer USA, and challenge them to complete the Chai Five with you

When you take the first action of the Chai Five challenge with a gift to support Chai for Cancer USA, you are giving a cancer patient access to the diagnostic test that monitors their disease, and also helping them gain access to the free, lifesaving treatment they receive through The Max Foundation.

Join us in raising a cup of chai to help those facing cancer in India – donate today to take the first action of the Chai Five challenge!

Winona Rennick

Winona Rennick is a Development Officer at The Max Foundation and works with donors around the world extending access to treatment and support. Winona is also a fantastic baker and loves making delicious pies for friends.

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