Max Access Solutions

Access to cancer treatment in a complex world

What is Max Access Solutions?

Max Access Solutions is The Max Foundation’s operational program through which humanitarian donations of approved oncology products are channeled to patients in need. Max Access Solutions is meant to be a bridge for access to treatment specifically within low- and middle-income countries (LMICs) where the burden of disease is high and local government access programs may not be currently feasible.

Within Max Access Solutions, companies donate product to The Max Foundation and the organization channels product at its discretion to patients in need through their treating physician and within the scope of its collaboration agreements. Vetted health care providers (HCP) in LMICs initiate the product request and manage treatment of patients receiving product from The Max Foundation. The Max Foundation works through a third-party logistics provider (3PL) who, as its agent, receives product from manufacturers and ships it to end users on the organization’s behalf.

How Max Access Solutions Works

Treatment Access at a Glance

At the center of our model is a patient who has been diagnosed with a certain cancer and prescribed a treatment for which no local access exists by one of our partner physicians. Working in collaboration with a robust network of leading cancer treating institutions and physicians, drug manufacturers, an international distributor, and local patient support organizations, we provide humanitarian access to the treatment with the aim that each required daily dose reaches the intended patient at the right time, while strengthening the local healthcare system.

Max Access Solutions Guidelines

The Max Foundation has extensive experience in managing patient access programs for oncology products. The MAS model guidelines are the result of the best practices and expertise developed through this extensive experience. These guidelines are reviewed and updated periodically and shared externally with Donor Companies, Health Authorities, and other relevant stakeholders. They are meant to provide a foundation for the development of internal procedures for product requests under MAS. The guidelines further aim to align with World Health Organization (WHO) international guidelines for product donation as well as Partnership for Quality Medical Donations’ (PQMD) standards for international product donations.

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