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Namaste! My name is Hira, and I am a Koli fisherwoman from the seaside village of Pachubandar. I work hard selling fish at the market each day, and care for my extended family at home.

A cancer diagnosis is never expected.

Cancer touches all of us, but for people whose health needs are underserved, like Hira, the prospects are even scarier. Many countries have neglected populations that lack the necessary support and care needed for cancer patients. Thankfully, your gifts through The Max Foundation give Hira and countless others a chance to live beyond their cancer.

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We have been struggling to make ends meet already – each day’s catch brings in fewer baskets of fish to sell. Suddenly I find myself facing a cancer diagnosis that threatens my life and my family’s livelihood. Turning to my neighbors, friends, and family, I searched for answers and help.

Access to treatment is access to life.

The Max Foundation's treatment access solutions get the necessary medication to the patients that need them the most. Through our partnerships with pharmaceutical companies and suppliers, we are able to get life-saving treatment right in the hands of patients.

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After learning about my CML, I was still unsure how we would afford the care I would need. But my physician told me I could gain access to my life-saving treatment at no cost through The Max Foundation. Soon, I could return to my everyday life with my family and community.

Going beyond medication.

We know that treatment alone is not enough. Fighting stigma, educating patients on managing their disease, and emotional support are all vital to see patients survive and live happily despite their diagnosis. You can make an impact by giving patients access to these necessary support channels.

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All the fear and worries disappeared when I met The Max Foundation, Friends of Max, and Viji Amma. It was like meeting another family! Over the years this bond has only grown stronger and deeper thanks to a strong community of supportive friends, physicians, and cancer survivors.

Dignity and hope for all people.

Hira is like many patients who have turned their cancer diagnosis into a force for good. Whether it's through starting a support groups, advocating for patient rights, or simply joining the network of global patients facing cancer, we have seen leaders rise up and champion the global effort to support all people facing cancer.

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The distance between the city and my village is not measured in kilometers but in the benefits I get from my treatment. This little orange capsule is keeping me alive and well, and I never miss a dose or a follow up appointment with my physician.

By adhering to treatment, I can continue to work to support my family and enjoy an active life.

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“In our hearts forever, this shining diamond, Hira Goma. Hira stood for strength, purity and brilliance, just like her name – a diamond – spreading the light of love everywhere.”

—Viji Venkatesh, South Asia Region Head for The Max Foundation

In early 2017, Hira unexpectedly passed away from a malignancy unrelated to her CML. Her story inspires us to ensure everyone has the chance to face cancer with dignity and hope.

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